The Reality

They tell you that the world is yours 
But all those opportunities, they seem to fall short
And your dreams of a good job and a happy home seem unreal, especially when every girl you meet don't wanna build 
She just wanna live 
She just wanna party with her girls and feel the thrill 
I know what you thinking 
Life's not fair 
It's all about survival of the fittest out here 
These dude is reckless
These girls don't care much 
And the world still fears us 
What have we done? 
Nothing that you, you, and him ain't done 
Why can't they learn 
Rather than teach us peace
They rather watch us burn

The forbidden fruit

I was an vacant soul Open doors to empty rooms

Didn’t really have shit to lose

Giving false hopes and meaningless dreams 

I’d break every woman who came near me 

Make every last one of them fall in love with me 

By the time they got tired of the run a round 

I’d be on to the next 5 

And they’d look at me with those tearful eyes and ask why 

Then she came, the blackest berry of them all

With curves that could guide you to a better land 

And a soul that could turn you into a better man 

Now when I call her black i don’t mean her skin 

When I call her black I’m talking within 

Her walk Her talk Her presence…

…They scream black power 

And when I see her I don’t wanna be without her 

But when she see me 

She don’t see nothing but a dog 

A rep I deserve for all the problems I’ve cause 

But if I get her to my bed 

Then I know that it’s on 

I’ll make her my own 

I’ll give her a throne 

Give her all she deserves 

The Morning After 

My eyes begin to open as I hear the sound of your breathing..I tighten my hold on you to savor this moment…

The sounds of the night fill the air and all I can think is how long will this last.. 

I close my eyes and take in the smell of your hair before I know it I’m asleep again…

The sun begins to peek at us then slowly creeps its way in..

I keep my eyes close because I know it’s about to end..

I envy how peaceful you sleep in my arms.. as I lay here anticipating the sound of your alarm

And so it begins, the beginning of the end..

The soft hum of your phone starts and what follows is the slow shifting of your body..

Your soft lips kisses my cheek and you begin to speak..

“Good Morning my love eyes so warm and sweet“.. Is what I wish I could say but my lips won’t speak 

Then my phone begins to beep..

You take my face into your hands and look me in my eyes..

“How did it end up like this?” 

Again I look at you but no words could escape my lips..

We were living doubles lives, god knows it was taking its toll

I wanted to be here like this forever, I wanted You forever.. 

Instead we got weekend rendezvous every blue moon

Every time is harder than the last.. god knows I want this to last 

You slip from my grasp like you’ve done so many times before but I can’t help but feel like this one is the last one …

“Don’t leave me love…” 

Is what I whisper as you slip out the door  

The Untimely

The warmth of the sun hits my face as I lay still
My body fills with joy but my face is paralyzed to the feel
I open my eyes, to cool breeze of your presence
No words are spoken but you get the message
I never had someone read me like you do
And never have I had someone force me to speak those unspoken messages like you do
I look into your eyes and wonder what do you see in me
The funny thing is you look at me and say the same thing
We have these moments quite often
To be honest I love it
And then you smile
Then my world brightens up
You confused me
But I can’t get enough

The Cycle

There's a lot of people who seek perfection and aim for perfection
But I think that's setting yourself up for uncertainty
No one story is perfect and no two stories are the same
So why do we spend our lives aiming for someone else's achievements
When we weren't meant to be the same
Are we walking blindly or are we all just too mundane
Wallflowers that look but are never truly seen
Roots that stretch and stretch looking for one thing
That flowing river to lead us back to the sea
Some of our roots damage along the way
But we never lose hope to find our running stream

The Unknown

I lived day by day living in this foggy scenery
All these masks I put on never truly revealing me
A lot of running and soul searching for something I couldn't see
Burned lines and call signs with the tunnel never ending
I close my eyes and I decide to finally take a leap
Out this bubble out this cycle out this monotonous scenery
I'm falling and I feel like this could be the end for me
And within my void, within the darkness, I hear this whispering
Is this a joke? Could this be hope? Or am I finally dreaming ?
With nothing left to lose I follow so blindly
From whispers to melodies, it begins to awaken me
As I squint my eyes to the new forth coming light
Intuition, destiny, were you written in the stars for me ?